Westlake lanes 2 essay

Therefore, we can categorise this force to be of medium effect.

Westlake lanes 2 essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Shelby Givens, the new appointed general manager of Westlake, Westlake lanes 2 essay if the company was on the right path. The imperative issues facing the general manager were, its sales revenue, expenditures and accounts payable were up, and the prolonged global recession worsened the situation.

At the passing of its owner Sugar, the board of directors at Westlake assigned the job of the general manager to Shirley Smith who lacked the knowledge, skills and attitude needed to take on the role. Due to there being resistance to change, there is no driving force for new customers.

Westlake Lanes also required strategic management which would have been of great help in the short and long run, for the purposes of its accounting, marketing, strategic decisions, delegation of jobs, just to mention a few.

Westlake lanes 2 essay

Lastly, employees lacked the motivation to have to perform well in enough. Hence not committing themselves to their jobs.

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Shelby Givens, the general manager of Westlake Lanes is valuable employee and resource to the company. The set-up of the company in itself is not valuable.

This is because, the company is unable to use its resources or capabilities. Thereby, not enabling it to take advantages of opportunities or fend off potential competitors.

It has not been adequately designed to accommodate its communities growing population and current demographics. The business model is valuable since it is based long-term partnerships throughout the value chain.

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Although, it has adopted more of a reactive strategy rather than a proactive strategy and because of this, it is not valuable.

In addition, knowledge being an imperative aspect of a company is not being used to help in revitalizing its growth. The failure to have to carefully allocate resources and capabilities has made Westlake quite invaluable.

The value chain of Westlake is not rare. Westlake was unable to implement quality control systems, had slow growing standards, and invested little to nothing in consumer branding and innovation. The marketing strategy of Westlake for food services is not rare, since Westlake is one of the many businesses in its area providing food to its customers.

Although, having taken an initiative to invest in paper advertising, many other businesses have adopted this strategy and are outperforming Westlake.

Between and advertisement decreased by Westlake integrated a supply chain with traceability where all food, drink products and other resources can be traced back to its suppliers.

Its incompetency to differentiate its products, market and cost leader strategies gave the company less of a competitive advantage. It is very effortless for competitors to have to imitate the value system of Westlake lanes. Understanding and duplicating its system would be uncomplicated for competitors.

This is because, Westlake Lanes has been unable to put in limits to imitate resources and capabilities such as time, high costs, and casual ambiguity. Another consideration would be employees low self efficacy and lack of motivation.

It would be very simple to substitute the value chain system of Westlake. Other competitors can achieve the same results by using alternative resources or capabilities that mimic the benefits of Westlake. They can do this by using well advanced technology and chances of this are high if they have enough capital, and have sky-scraping stamina even though a significant amount of time is required to have to do so.

These competitors could achieve customization by making available various products of its own signatures in accordance to consumer desires.

Critical to customization is a consumers ability to freely select from numerous products. Westlake has been unable to exploit its systems through quality, branding and innovation.I am remaining three more sections to complete my reflective essay and will send the details soon.

Thank you for the good work. Molly. Ceduna, Australia What problems does Shelby Givens face when she begins her work at Westlake Lanes in March ? What advice would you give her to prepare her first day? Bestessayexperts is .

WORD COUNT: Table of Content. SITUATION ANALYSIS Westlake bowling lanes is a family owned business in North Carolina situated close to lively neighbourhoods and restaurants which is running in losses for two years. The company’s target market strategy is not properly set because Westlake Lanes hasn’t identified the market’s new needs and trends at the same pace that the growth of Raleigh’s population has been developing.

What is the required number of customers per day for Westlake Lanes to achieve breakeven in March ? 5. By the endpoint of the case, the business is . Westlake Lanes Case Analysis Essay Key Issues The key issue faced by general manager Shelby Givens of Westlake Lanes is whether or not to maintain the current practices of the business or seek new alternatives.

Westlake Lanes Case Essay Words | 8 Pages Problem Identification Shelby Givens, general manager of Westlake Bowling Lanes has worked over a 9 .

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