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Utb explanirtures

With UT Brownsville and Texas Southmost College separating from the Partnership, each institution will assume the programs and services appropriate to its mission. UTB will maintain only those programs that are appropriate for a four-year university while TSC will assume community college courses and programs.

Because community college courses and programs will be maintained and Utb explanirtures by TSC, it will decide which employees it needs to fulfill its mission.

As a result, faculty and staff at UTB attached solely to community college programs and services will no longer be needed at UTB. Additionally, in light of the separation, UTB is preparing itself for its new mission as a stand-alone four-year university with fewer students.

Accordingly, UTB is evaluating all of its programs and making decisions to re-organize or eliminate some programs and positions to align the curriculum with its future academic needs.

Back to top Who decided to begin a reduction in force? UTB is making decisions about the future of the four-year university and TSC is making decisions about the community college. Thus, the parties are working together on personnel matters. UTB is bound by Regents Rules and State law regarding how and when the reduction in force is implemented.

Back to top When will the reduction in force occur? If a full-time faculty position is terminated, the faculty member will be notified of that termination no later than August Utb explanirtures,and the position will terminate on May 31, The current process relates to faculty only.

UTB will next evaluate the non-faculty positions it will need to support its remaining programs and student population, so staff processes and decisions will follow at a later date. Back to top How will faculty be notified of their termination? In general and to the extent that affected faculty members will be available for face-to-face meetings, UTB will notify them in person.

Governing Law; Jurisdiction

All notices of termination will be confirmed in writing. Back to top How long will faculty continue to receive salary and benefits? Terminated full-time faculty will be employed by UTB, and thus will continue to receive salary and benefits, until May 31,unless they choose to leave earlier.

For specific information about post-termination benefits, employees should contact Human Resources. Back to top How will UTB decide which faculty to include in the reduction in force?

With these standards and rules in mind, UT System has developed a process to identify faculty positions for elimination. The process provides criteria, such as academic qualifications and talents, the needs of the programs, past academic performance and potential future contributions.

The process relies on committees, composed of faculty and administrators, to review the prospective elimination of academic programs and faculty positions. Faculty members whose positions are terminated will be employed by UTB until May 31,unless they choose to leave earlier.

Of course, UTB understands that the first priority for all affected faculty will be to find another job, and to that end, UTB will provide access to a full range of job search resources through its employee help center.

Utb explanirtures

The Center will open 8 a. The resources provided may include: One-on-one job search counseling Training on interviewing, resume writing and online job searches Employee benefit and retirement counseling Financial counseling and training Employment verification Counseling for personal issues In addition, the UT System has also asked other University of Texas institutions to give these employees priority consideration for open jobs they may be qualified to fill.

Human Resources representatives are available to meet with every faculty member whose position is affected.

General Disclaimer; Limitation of Liability

Back to top Which programs are being eliminated or significantly reduced? Over the coming months, UTB will also decide which additional programs, if any, it will eliminate or reduce in scope. UTB is presently engaged in the development of a financial model for operations post-separation.

Utb explanirtures

That work is still underway so it is too early to comment on this. Back to top What effect will this have on the opportunity for students in the region to pursue higher education? Opportunities for a comprehensive four-year university education are being enhanced and the UT System has made a renewed commitment to higher education in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

TSC will soon announce its array of programs and services.Source: THECB Annual Research Expenditures Report and Sources & Uses Fiscal Year is the final year of operations for UTB.

The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley (UTRGV) which began operations August 31, , and encompasses the entire Rio Grande Valley, now . So long as a person is a UTB employee, UTB will expect him/her to perform the functions of his/her position, but managers will be instructed to be as flexible as possible to allow for job searches and career planning.

Moreover, for those UTB faculty that TSC elects to hire, UTB will do everything in its power to facilitate a seamless transition. University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies E-Learning Platform.

Skip course categories. Course categories. The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) approved audit plan for FY includes the FY Audit of the Office of Global Engagement.

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