Understanding farm subsidies

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Understanding farm subsidies

Our country cannot sustainably feed itself with our current agricultural model. It does not take a degree in rocket science to figure out that at the end Understanding farm subsidies that road is a civilization destined to implode.

By promoting systems whereby we are taking the animals to the food, cutting petrol inputs, improving soils and decentralizing food production we may have a fighting chance of saving our country. Now that may come off as a doom and gloom perspective but demonstrate to me where I am wrong in my thinking.

What happens if tomorrow morning we wake up and the subsidies are gone? Our vertically integrated food system would fall apart in a matter of weeks, leaving the citizens of this country in disarray.

While I believe it is the personal responsibility of every citizen to produce as much of their Understanding farm subsidies food as they can, obviously not everyone can raise all of their own protein needs.

This is why I believe we need to work with programs like the NRCS for solutions that will actually strengthen our overall food supply, and hence our national security, with sustainable grazing systems. My personal belief is that the NRCS is one way we can begin to do that.

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What is a subsidy? definition and meaning - skybox2008.com Every five years, new legislation is introduced and passed through the U.
Solar Financing, Subsidies and Incentives What does the farm bill cover?

Like myself, there are many out there who have the will, determination and drive to farm with sustainable methods but may lack some of the resources they need to be successful. In my case, we had property available to us and were able to fund our poultry and pork operations with our own seed money.

But when it came time to really get rolling with beef, we were talking about big boy money! I held off using the grants for a long time out of pride but finally changed my mind after moving portable cattle fencing a quarter to half acre at a time every day for two years.

And before you think about passing on a resource like this, go and rent a 20 acre field, fence it, route buried water to it and see how much you spend. Could we have gotten there on our own?

Understanding Farm Subsidies pt. 1

Yes, in time with a lot of diligence. But in my mind, we need to jumpstart this decentralized sustainable food model now while we still have the opportunity to do so. If you have deep pockets to fund large projects, great!

Add to that the fact that we as small farmers are fighting an uphill battle against government bureaucrats and huge food corporations with an army of lobbyists, paid for politicians and lawyers at their disposal. This is a tough fight.

In my mind we either accept a helping hand from a program that is all about farming the right way, or we accept that our personal health and whats left of our soils are goners.

A country that can not feed itself is destined for failure! And in the end, we are talking about are our own tax dollars so we might as well put them to work doing something that is going to heal our country and not further destroy it.

And this is money well spent, laying the way for multiple generations on a farm to raise healthy, nutrient dense food and make a good living while doing it.

Understanding farm subsidies

Personally I think this is the best investment our country can make in itself and is why I have changed my attitude about accepting grants from the NRCS. Well, the first thing you need is access to land.

You can own it, or you can have a contract drawn up to lease or rent it.

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Either way, you have to have legal control of it in order for the NRCS to get involved if the grants are to be in your name.Farm Subsidy Primer Farm subsidies provided by the federal government are supposed to help agricultural producers manage the variations in agricultural production and profitability from year to year - due to variations in weather, market prices, and other factors - while ensuring a stable food supply.

Moreover, subsidies succeeded in bolstering overall farm income over time, albeit for large conglomerates (not small mom-and-pop operations), thus fueling the industry’s political clout and reinforcing the proliferation of farm assistance programs via advocacy efforts.

Understanding How Farm Subsidies Work. Anyone who knows anything at all about modern agriculture knows that farmers depend on subsidies programs to keep them going. They don’t necessarily want them, but the subsidies get farmers enough profit to stay in business.

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In - Hence, the scope of the farm bill includes farm commodity, crop insurance, conservation, and credit issues, as well as anti-hunger, nutrition, rural economic development, private forestry programs, international food aid, agricultural trade programs, and more.

The WTO is the only international body dealing with the rules of trade between nations. At its heart are the WTO agreements, the legal ground-rules for international commerce and for trade policy. The farm bill connects the food on our plates, the farmers and ranchers who produce that food, and the natural resources – our soil, air and water – that make growing food possible.

Understanding farm subsidies

The farm bill is a package of legislation passed roughly once every five years, which .

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