Quill paper

October 7, Line art representation of a Quill Photo credit:

Quill paper

Motherhood and other creative adventures Quilled Snowflake Ornament December 10, Today I have a big fat tutorial to share with you.

This is a perfect application for quilling. I like using an icy blue color, but a true white looks great too. You can make your strips thicker if you want and it will work just great.

I happen to like the lacey look of the thinner strips and find them to be sturdy enough.


Insert the paper strip into the notch of the quilling tool, bring the tool to the very end of the paper, and begin rolling. Once you master making the round, you can make any other shape.

Roll it all the way up, and then let it go so that it relaxes into a more loosely wound circle. Spread a little glue on the tail end, and glue it down.

Quill paper

That feathery torn edge blends into the rest of the shape, where a cut end will form a definite ridge. The Round shape also provides a basis for the teardrop shape and the marquis. The marquis is made the exact same way. As is this is a heart shape.

Sorry about the blurry pictures. I really needed a macro lens for this project. On one end of the strip, roll in about twice. Measurements are really loose here.

The rest is just putting it together. Start by taking 2 of the arms and glue them together back to back. With that step complete you should have:First practiced in ancient Egypt, quilling has persevered through time, and the name comes from the origin of the art: birds' feathers, or quills, were originally used to coil strips of paper into delicate spirals.

Quality metallic paper. Suits most inkjet and laser printers Matching envelopes available Coordinates well with other quill papers. The Tongue and Quill BULLET BACKGROUND PAPER ¶ 1-i n c h t o p a n d b o t t o m m a r g i n s ON ¶ THE BULLET BACKGROUND PAPER ¶ ¶ An increasingly popular version of the background paper is the “bullet” background paper.

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Make sure that you have good paper, cheap paper will take the amounts of ink that a quill puts down and bleed the ink everywhere, even amounts of ink that shouldn't bleed and are normal for a quill.

Also, try to use a fairly light hand, it shouldn't be ridiculously light, but it shouldn't be three-copies-through-carbon-paper heavy, either, as. How to Make a Feather Quill Pen. I have done tutorials on how to make paper and how to make a feather writing quill. Now I finish off that series with a tutorial on how to make ink.

And it is real easy to do! You probably have everything you need right in the kitchen.

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