Marketing and positioning eureka facts

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Marketing and positioning eureka facts

Product positioning is the process marketers use to determine how to best communicate their products' attributes to their target customers based on customer needs, competitive pressures, available communication channels and carefully crafted key messages. Effective product positioning ensures that marketing messages resonate with target consumers and compel them to take action.

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Customer Needs Effective product positioning requires a clear understanding of customer needs so that the right communication channels are selected and key messages will resonate with customers. The more specific, the better.

Competitive Pressures Marketers must weigh competitive pressures when they are considering the positioning elements of their marketing plans.

Marketing and positioning eureka facts

Effective positioning conveys to consumers why this company's product or service should be preferred over other competitive options based on what the company knows about the target audience's needs.

Effective marketing plans clearly identify how the company's products or services are different from competitors' offerings and in what ways.

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There is no value in being a "me too" product offering and simply copying what competitors are doing. Marketers must stand out from the crowd in ways that hold value for their target markets. Communication Channels Product positioning helps marketers consider how their offerings are different from others that consumers have to choose from.

But it is not enough to know this from an internal perspective -- marketers must communicate this to the target audiences.

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To do this effectively, they must choose communication channels that are designed to connect with their identified target audiences at times when they will be most receptive to these messages. Consider how automobile manufacturers position their products through communication via television commercials during sporting events, for instance, or how cosmetics manufacturers run full-page, full-color ads in women's magazines.

Carefully Crafted Key Messages The final challenge in effective product positioning is conveying the differentiating, value-added aspects of your product or service to your target audience through the communication channels you have selected. These messages are designed to convey how your product is different and better than competitive offerings, as well as to address the value-added attributes that are important to your audience.

Product positioning is at the foundation of any effective marketing plan because it impacts the ultimate purchase decision.The term “positioning” is widely used within the marketing and advertising communities today, and its meaning has expanded beyond the narrow definitions of Trout and Ries.

Positioning is often used nowadays as a broad synonym for marketing strategy.

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Market segmentation can be conducted using a number of approaches including demographic, geographic, attitudinal, psychographic, and behavioral. Customer segmentation is often used for tactical objectives, and is used most frequently in direct marketing.

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RESTREPO President & Principal Researcher EurekaFacts LLC The strategic marketing planning process . Eureka Facts assists in the targeting and positioning effort of service offerings, organizations and social marketing initiatives. The Eureka Facts team brings rich background and experience in strategic market planning, integration of strategic.

A-Tech Corporation d.b.a. ATA Applied Technology Associates.

Marketing and positioning eureka facts

Applied Technology Associates (ATA), headquartered in New Mexico, provides advanced technology and products for directed energy weapons, laser communications, and space systems, specializing in inertial navigation, precision pointing and stabilization, and controls systems.

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