Learning to navigate the rough seas of ethics

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Learning to navigate the rough seas of ethics

The same old, same old cannot cut it Al Miller Tweet The new year has rolled in giving us new opportunities and creative possibilities to develop our dreams, both personal and national. The atmosphere from December of the commencement of a season of national repentance that has carried into the new year is the ideal climate for us to commit to making a major turning point towards the new Jamaica we all desire.

This is a call for a serious preparedness to tackle the crucial issues that have dogged us for years. In order to achieve real progress amidst the many problems, there are some vital areas that, if addressed, could significantly improve the national welfare, and if not they could severely derail all our best efforts.

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The economy has within the last couple of years shown signs of stability, and that's good. Much attention must now be given to growth and development. This makes the small business sector a prime candidate for special attention. Small and micro businesses have the best opportunity to provide jobs and boost income levels throughout the country.

Learning to Navigate the Rough Seas of Ethics Essay Example | Graduateway Productive and timely conversations are critically important to help people achieve their goals. Without a clear focus on goals and the proper direction and support to achieve them, individuals are cast adrift in the rough seas of the workplace, left alone to navigate their way to success.

Big business, of course, provides a large part of the tax revenue and many other benefits, but we must be careful to ensure that monopolies and cartels are not permitted to so dominate the landscape that smaller players are unable to thrive. Bureaucracy is one of the biggest hindrances to the development of our economy and the success of small businesses in this nation.

It is a challenge to large corporations as well and to foreign investment. Can we once and for all simplify our systems and truly make it easy and enjoyable to do business here?

Learning to navigate the rough seas of ethics

This leads inevitably to the issue of customs duties, which for many types of goods remain unjustifiably high and seem to serve more as a hindrance to prosperity than an aid. The high cost of bringing materials and goods into the island impacts the cost of goods and services to the consumer and ultimately their standard of living.

If we could finally get our act together in and capitalise on the potential value to the economy of sports and the arts, that would be great.

Their potential as income earners remains largely untapped due to the lack of coordination and serious investment in the needed infrastructure and systems to capitalise on the talents of the Jamaican people.


How exciting it would be to see real world-class facilities and events happening on a regular basis, and the people earning real salaries from their abilities.

Sadly, however, the excitement and expectations that should come with hope of new beginnings in a new year have been overshadowed by the reports that we closed with the third highest murder rate 1, in any one year in Jamaica.

Crime was the consistent headline of the year. How I had hoped that I would not have to refer to crime in the first column of the year, but the crime reality leaves an indelible mark on the minds of most of our citizens.

Learning to navigate the rough seas of ethics

Undoubtedly, this has proven again to be the primary issue to overcome infor we are already in double figures in homicides even though the new month is only seven days old. Growth and development in the economy, public safety and security, the peace of mind of citizens, and the welfare of the nation depend on overcoming this monster.


Success has eluded successive governments for decades. This column has spoken repeatedly to this problem, pointing in the direction of real solutions that could be considered by the authorities. I maintain that this out-of-control monster can be caught and tamed in record time if our leaders and security forces are willing to do things differently.

Stop trying to succeed with failed models and methods. What we have been doing has not worked, and so we must concede it cannot work and will not work. I hope this new-era prime minister will not give in to the rumblings I am hearing that suggest a change in the commissioner of police is being contemplated.

No change of police commissioner or national security minister has ever made a difference.

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That is a part of the failed historical strategy.“It is an album about the refugees we all have, how temporary life is and the way we navigate to better places, dig in and face the destruction,” Chesney said in a release.

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