Essay questions for mrs frisby and the rats of nimh

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It was only after her son, Craig, moved to Alaska that George "felt ready" to write the sequel Julie. After her mother's death she is raised by her father, Kapugen Kah-Pue-Jen. In his care, Miyax becomes an intelligent and observant girl at one with the Arctic tundra.

Life is good until one day when Miyax is sent to live with Aunt Martha, a distant and cold woman. Soon after her father goes out on a seal hunt and does not return. Search parties find four pieces of his boat washed ashore, but there is no sign of him.


He is presumed dead. As an orphan, Miyax is never more than an unwanted guest in Aunt Martha's house, so at the age of 13, she accepts a marriage to a boy named Daniel as it will allow her to leave her aunt's house. However, she soon realizes that life with Daniel is no better if not worse than her life with Martha.

Daniel has an unspecified type of intellectual disability and after being mercilessly teased by other young people about it, he becomes abusive towards Miyax and sexually assaults her.

Essay questions for mrs frisby and the rats of nimh

Caught in an unbearable situation, she runs away in the hope of being able to stay with her pen-pal in San Francisco, California. Miyax realizes she has no way of reaching her friend and finds herself lost in the arctic wild with only her own strength and knowledge between her and death.

She happens upon a wolf pack and is able to coexist with them. She learns to communicate with the wolves to receive food and water and over time they become like family. When she finds a way to return to her old Eskimo life, she is torn between the choice of staying with the wolves or going back to her home.

Reception[ edit ] The book was awarded the Newbery Medal in[9] and was a nominee under the Children's Books category in the National Book Awards.When Mrs. Frisby enters the rosebush and is ushered into the depths of the rats' quarters in the eleventh chapter of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH she encounters "a lean rat with a scarred.

Before the Rats. These comprehension questions for Mrs.

Essay questions for mrs frisby and the rats of nimh

Frisby and the Rats of NIMH will help students understand why Mrs. Frisby goes to the rats, who gives her the idea, and some of the mystery that is surrounding her late husband, Johnathan.

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH Questions and Answers -

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True that this book has tons of info on WWI and written in a way that middle/high school students can understand; however, I found it too be a bit verbose and was turned off from using it with my 8th graders because of the graphic images in it.

The NIMH experiments made the rats better—smarter, stronger, and healthier. But the experiments were done against their will. Does the fact that the experiments were beneficial to the rats make it okay that the rats had no choice in the matter?

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