Essay on homo floresiensis

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Essay on homo floresiensis

Explore human lineage through time: April 12, Homo floresiensis Homo floresiensis is a small-bodied hominin species that is dated to between 95, and 17, years ago. Known from a single cave on the island of Flores in eastern Indonesia, H.

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If the fossils assigned this species do not represent a population of pathological H. The cranial material of H. The skull and teeth share some derived features features not found in the common ancestor shared with H.

These Indonesian fossils also possesses many primitive features similar to earlier hominins. For example, the brain is very small to cubic centimeters and is more Essay on homo floresiensis to apes and species in the genus Australopithecus.

The mandibles and premolars bicuspid teethwhich represent at least 8 partial individuals, share distinctive primitive traits with both Australopithecus and Homo habilis. The premolars are asymmetrical and elongated with complex tooth roots.

The mandibles are relatively robust and large in size; yet lack a chin central part of the lower jaw that protrudes out from the face, found only in H. In contrast to the cranium, where only one complete skull was found, postcranial remains from multiple individuals have been recovered.

The shoulder joint is cranially oriented toward the skull and the clavicle collar bone is short and very curved, suggesting the shoulder was high on the torso, as seen in apes and species in the genus Australopithecus.

Moreover, the hand and wrist of H. The primitive morphology size and shape of the H. Interestingly, the foot of this species is similar to H. Nevertheless, the overall foot morphology exhibits a generally primitive pattern. The toes exhibit primitive features such as long and curved lateral toes the four toes to the outside of the feet; all but the hallux or big toe and the hallux is quite short in comparison to that possessed by H.

Detailed comparisons of the H. Moreover, no pathological syndrome seems to adequately explain the suite of features exhibited by H. The fact that all of the individuals found at the cave site exhibit similar cranial and postcranial morphology casts further doubt on the hypothesis that the H.

Considerable attention has also been paid to the evolutionary history of Homo floresiensis—e. However, there is no evidence for larger-bodied non-dwarfed ancestors of H.

Essay on homo floresiensis

This fact and H. Another hypothesis is that H. Most researchers agree the current anatomical evidence shows that H.Homo Floresiensis - The Hobbit Essays: Over , Homo Floresiensis - The Hobbit Essays, Homo Floresiensis - The Hobbit Term Papers, Homo Floresiensis - The Hobbit Research Paper, Book Reports.

Discuss what you believe Homo floresiensis to be – a “one off” freak version of Homo erectus, a separate and very unique species, or something else.

Homo floresiensis. Homo floresiensis is a small-bodied hominin species that is dated to between 95, and 17, years ago.

Essay on homo floresiensis

Known from a single cave on the island of Flores in eastern Indonesia. View Notes - Psych - Biopsych - Homo floriensis Essay from PSYCHOLOGY at Western University.

Historically, discoveries of new hominid species are met with skepticism as they cause disputes. Tamako market final review essay homo floresiensis essays conclusion for persuasive essay dental school bad experience essay who wrote civil disobedience essay pdf political comparison essay.

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