Business planning and strategy development framework

Psychological aspects[ edit ] The Striatum ; part of the basal ganglia ; neural pathways between the striatum and the frontal lobe have been implicated in planning function. Planning is one of the executive functions of the brain, encompassing the neurological processes involved in the formulation, evaluation and selection of a sequence of thoughts and actions to achieve a desired goal. Various studies utilizing a combination of neuropsychologicalneuropharmacological and functional neuroimaging approaches have suggested there is a positive relationship between impaired planning ability and damage to the frontal lobe.

Business planning and strategy development framework

Achieving sustainable development Paragraphs 6 to 17 International and national bodies have set out broad principles of sustainable development. The purpose of the planning system is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

There are three dimensions to sustainable development: These dimensions give rise to the need for the planning system to perform a number of roles: These roles should not be undertaken in isolation, because they are mutually dependent.

Economic growth can secure higher social and environmental standards, and well-designed buildings and places can improve the lives of people and communities. Therefore, to achieve sustainable development, economic, social and environmental gains should be sought jointly and simultaneously through the planning system.

Evidence-Based Approach

The planning system should play an active role in guiding development to sustainable solutions. Plans and decisions need to take local circumstances into account, so that they respond to the different opportunites for achieving sustainable development in different areas.

The presumption in favour of sustainable development Planning law requires that applications for planning permission must be determined in accordance with the development plan unless material considerations indicate otherwise 2.

This National Planning Policy Framework does not change the statutory status of the development plan as the starting point for decision making.

Proposed development that accords with an up-to-date Local Plan should be approved, and proposed development that conflicts should be refused unless other material considerations indicate otherwise.

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It is highly desirable that local planning authorities should have an up-to-date plan in place. The National Planning Policy Framework constitutes guidance 3 for local planning authorities and decision-takers both in drawing up plans and as a material consideration in determining applications.

At the heart of the National Planning Policy Framework is a presumption in favour of sustainable development, which should be seen as a golden thread running through both plan-making and decision-taking. For plan-making this means that: Policies in Local Plans should follow the approach of the presumption in favour of sustainable development so that it is clear that development which is sustainable can be approved without delay.

All plans should be based upon and reflect the presumption in favour of sustainable development, with clear policies that will guide how the presumption should be applied locally. The application of the presumption will have implications for how communities engage in neighbourhood planning.

Development & Planning

Critically, it will mean that neighbourhoods should: Within the overarching roles that the planning system ought to play, a set of core land-use planning principles should underpin both plan-making and decision-taking.

These 12 principles are that planning should: Plans should be kept up-to-date, and be based on joint working and co-operation to address larger than local issues. They should provide a practical framework within which decisions on planning applications can be made with a high degree of predictability and efficiency not simply be about scrutiny, but instead be a creative exercise in finding ways to enhance and improve the places in which people live their lives proactively drive and support sustainable economic development to deliver the homes, business and industrial units, infrastructure and thriving local places that the country needs.

Every effort should be made objectively to identify and then meet the housing, business and other development needs of an area, and respond positively to wider opportunities for growth.Premium Documents in Strategy Improve the growth & efficiency of your Organization Globally recognized · 24/7 customer service · Download, edit & reuse · Instant downloadTypes: Strategy templates, Strategy training, Strategy frameworks, Strategy tools.

The Business Development Strategy is used to underpin your main Business Plan and essentially it sets out a standard approach for developing new opportunities, either from within existing accounts.

business planning and strategy development framework

The Department of Housing Planning and Local Government, on behalf of the Government, has prepared and published the finalised National Planning Framework under Project Ireland , the overarching policy and planning framework for the social, economic and cultural development . Oct 30,  · Strategic planning Digital Is your company spending enormous time and energy on strategy development, with little to show for your efforts?

Business Plan Development: Harvard ManageMentor. In a strategic business framework for organizational planning and success, your strategies, goals, and action plans intertwine and build upon each other to create the appropriate steps to accomplish your mission and vision.

The National Planning Policy Framework was published on 27 March and sets out the government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.

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